Hey ! I am Aanchal Rai. A fashion design student with a flair for vintage fashion laced with a touch of modernity. 

They say eventually life comes to a full circle- what goes around comes back around. The circle is such a simple, humble shape yet it means so much more to us than just being ordinary. The circle of life stands for the everlasting cycle of being alive. 

Being alive should be synonyms to feeling free, to feeling true to ourselves and loving oneself but are we truly ever free? In this age where memes are replacing      actually talking about feelings and anorexia is being used a slang and not treated like a disease how can we be alive? We just exist. 

Fashion is only viewed as a superficial commodity . It doesn’t end at how fashion is viewed but also how it’s produced. We’ve turned a blind eye to what goes into the making of what we wear because it doesn’t directly affect us. We won’t eat an apple that’s been pumped with pesticides because it’s direct consumption of toxins yet we let the same poison spread through our rivers and our air. 

I work very closely with brands and designers that are propelling the fashion industry into a medium of expression rather than just competing in the rat race against fast fashion. The rise of fast fashion in the past decade has lead to a paradigm shift in how clothes are being sold. The prices are being pushed down with more clothes being added with each passing season. It’s a dog eat dog world with very little thought given to what impact it has on the very source of it all – our land, our water, our air. It’s ours to protect and our social responsibility to not only produce sustainable fashion but to also educate ourselves as consumers and inculcate habits to minimise our carbon footprint. 

Official Photographers : Tanishq Acharya | Gorkey Patwal | Piyush Gwari

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