Being the daughter of an Army Officer; the title resonates with me. I have been brought up in more than thirteen cities and towns across the country, making tons of friends around the world and experiencing different cultures. Each city leaves an imprint- small or big they shape your personality. From the boisterous Bathinda to the calm and beautiful Srinagar I am blessed to have witnessed and experienced all that India has to offer. 

This post in collaboration with Diaries Of a Nomad celebrates the life of the free spirited.

Pardon my pun but size matters. When is bigger not better,right? So when I got my hands on this beautiful yellow skirt I instantly knew I wanted to go all out Balenciaga with it. Paired with flared pants, boots and some velvet rubber bands but I couldn’t stop there.

Late night episodes of Sex and the City all came back to me and I decided to add a head band with the volomous outfit to satisfy the inner Carrie Bradshaw in me.



My second outfit was a more sombre approach to being a nomad. Dressed in all black with a hint of sheer the outfit is utilitarian and beautiful. The gold lining details on the kurta to the florals peeking in from behind, the whole ensemble fits together perfectly.



If you’re more of a sneakers and sweatshirts kinda girl, this look might be more your taste!

Ghagra skirt + floral shirt. Don’t let fashion limit you, let fashion empower you. Pear shaped, H shaped, forget the norms. Be a 100% yourself. You can pull off anything with the right attitude.



Photo by Gorkey Patwal & Piyush Gwari

Hey guys ! We are team Stylelocked. Being design students we are both passionate about all that is quirky and creative. Being fauji brats we’ve travelled all over and have experienced diverse cultures. So if you love fashion and want to go easy on your pocket , Stylelocked is the place for you. We love restyling, combining different styles and creating our own statement.
  1. Beautiful you and beautiful outfits….awesome….

    1. thank you 🙂

  2. Liked the write up and liked the dress sense..As always you carried it with an elaborate that of a queen. Proud of you.
    Sky is not the limit for you. Stay blessed.

    1. thank you 🙂

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