Peplums  were a big fashion statement in the 1940s and have created a buzz all around town all over again from spring summer 2013 and have found their way to summer 2015 with cleaner, neater silhouettes. Be it peplum dresses or tops, on the red carpet or on the streets the peplum is high fashion all the way.It gives your body an hourglass shape and contours your bust and waist in a flattering manner.It’s not about drawing attention to your hips, it’s about getting the whole shape right.

Ever thought of pairing up your peplum with a shrug? You might think that it would hide the pretty peplum flounce but it doesn’t. Instead it gives you a casual, effortless yet chic look. It is stylish and a great way to combine two things you really love.

You could pair it up with a peplum dress or wear it the way we have – jeans, peplum , shrug and some sassy heels! If the colours work together your look would be killer.

Today we are going forever 21 from H2T! Here we have a well fitted V neck peplum paired with a loose knitted shrug with jeans and wedges. The V neck line accentuates the collar bones and neck. Wear a multi layered necklace or a chunky neck piece to give it a more young and make your #ootd spot on.

peplum top : forever 21

Shrug : forever 21

Jeans : forever 21

Wedges : catwalk

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