Feminine but bold, edgy but graceful ; it’s 2016 and it’s not a man’s world anymore. Women are reigning supreme everywhere .

However, fashionable women are stereotyped as being the intellectually weaker kind ,” oh she’s pretty so she’s not smart”. A woman doesn’t need to tone down her makeup or her wardrobe to be taken seriously , in fact I say we should turn it up a  notch!1


Military green and military-esque silhouettes are back in trend and keeping this in mind I tried styling my dress. I made this dress using my mum’s old saree .Mum has two trunks full of sarees and everytime she hands me over one it’s a treat ! Used this saree’s palla for the black and also included the tassel work at the hem.

Floral + military is a combination that I believe truly symbolises “bold and beautiful”. Playing around with this concept , I teamed up my dress with indian floral motifs and  a quilted military green jacket with patch work.Added belts to give a cinched waist and to add edge to the look. Pairing two or more slim belts together gives a silhoutte a more structured look without overpowering it like a single broad belt would. This look is bang on trend and will keep you warm and fuzzy in the winters as well! Add stockings or even layer it with a maxi skirt , this look works with all of it.



Dress: Made using mum’s old saree

Jacket : H&M

Heels : Forever 21

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  1. Nice concept and look.

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