As the sun sets the air becomes cooler and there is a slight nip in the air . Delhi is finally moving towards winters and it’s moving fast! I for one am really looking forward to the winters. Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa , a good book and some fuzzy socks ; to snuggle next to my dog and not leave the bed, ever!


But as life would have it we have to go about our day as usual. Ideally one must say bye bye to all the summer clothes ; the maxi dresses, the skirts , the tank tops etc but I am here to tell you to hold onto that little bit of summer and not let it slip away!

 I bought this fabric right from the kaarigars in Bhuj and got a maxi dress inspired from the slip dress stitched as soon as I was back from my trip to Bhuj. I am not ready to say  bye to this dress yet so i paired it up with a teal crew neck sweater, some colorful socks and pink platform wedges for a quirky and fun winter look. Who says winter’s gotta be dull and dry? Added a pair of sunnies and made a quick centre braid for a casual everyday look.

Hey guys ! We are team Stylelocked. Being design students we are both passionate about all that is quirky and creative. Being fauji brats we’ve travelled all over and have experienced diverse cultures. So if you love fashion and want to go easy on your pocket , Stylelocked is the place for you. We love restyling, combining different styles and creating our own statement.
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