Pink for girls, blue for boys. The notion of what is acceptable for boys and girls and men and women is an overarching theme that has become simplified into a rigid gender binarism.

Long before we even have a choice, gendered norms are entrenched in our DNA, based on society’s definitions of what is appropriate. The role of sex and gender has always been a contentious issue, and now more than ever, the appeal of “ungendered” thoughts, the rise of fluidity and the inclusion of unisex lines have come to the forefront of the 21st century.

Gender fluidity is easily the biggest fashion trend that we’ve seen rise over the past couple of years . The line between menswear and women’s wear has become blurry and this just shows how far we’ve come in terms of accepting androgyny.

Keeping this theme in mind I styled men’s linen trousers with an oversized men’s denim jacket. The denim jacket looks like it’s straight out of a 1975 music video .I paired it  with these linen trousers which  gives a boxy yet statuesque look. Added a pair of hot pink earrings (because who says men can’t rock pink ?) and mustard socks layered with platforms.




Hey guys ! We are team Stylelocked. Being design students we are both passionate about all that is quirky and creative. Being fauji brats we’ve travelled all over and have experienced diverse cultures. So if you love fashion and want to go easy on your pocket , Stylelocked is the place for you. We love restyling, combining different styles and creating our own statement.
  1. Superb article.

    1. thank you 🙂

  2. I love it, the relaxed silhouette, pop of pink, and your hair. All of it is so effortless, I would defo wear it. Brilliant piece, btw 🙂 x

    1. thank you love <3

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