Pantone might have crowned Green as the colour of the season but it’s red that is stealing hearts everywhere. From Streetstyle to the runway everyone seems to be under the spell of this powerful colour.

Today, shades of scarlet are linked with power, aggression, and sex – from the vermilion of the British Queen’s royal regalia to the gaudy neon of Amsterdam’s red–light district. And those associations may not be coincidence. A new branch of science called “colour psychology” has found that red can have a profound influence on our mood, perceptions and actions.

Joining the bandwagon of being a red fanatic here is my take on a red monochrome look . Monochrome doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just black and white, take a risk and go head to toe in hues and tints of  a particular colour. I paired a red denim jacket with an oxblood red crop top . A red woolen skirt for the winters and added blush pink socks with boots.1red.jpg


DSC_0342.jpgPhoto by Tanishq Acharya

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  1. This look is fleshed-out fabulous! I cannot deny the fact about the monochrome look in hues. 🙂

    1. thank you so much Jatin 🙂

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