” I’ve got nothing to wear” – this is one of the most common phrases I use ,especially early in the morning looking at my cupboard and staring at the mountain of clothes that I have yet wondering why I don’t have clothes to wear.


Then it’s time to hunt my mom’s closet, my father’s closet and if you are lucky as I am – my brother’s closet.


This chic and effortless look is all thanks to my baby brother’s amazing collection of sweaters. Red is a colour we are often apprehensive about wearing as bottoms but here we chose to pair it up with a camel coloured over sized sweater. Nude and red are a great combination and they work well together. A printed collared shirt played with an over- sized sweater and a woolen skirt is  a casual yet put together look. The outfit is a more powerful look perfect for a lunch meeting or an informal interview setting.


The play of colour itself is eye catchy yet understated. Pair it up with super sexy pumps or go for a more comfortable option and opt for brogues like I did.

skirt : Atmoshpere UK

Sweater : Marks and Spencer (men)

brogues : Street Style Store

Hey guys ! We are team Stylelocked. Being design students we are both passionate about all that is quirky and creative. Being fauji brats we’ve travelled all over and have experienced diverse cultures. So if you love fashion and want to go easy on your pocket , Stylelocked is the place for you. We love restyling, combining different styles and creating our own statement.
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