The sari is more than just a piece of cloth, for us as Indians -it’s a legacy. Passed down from generation to generation it’s beauty and charm only increases with time. The handiwork, the embroidery, the weaves all of it makes the sari special and has put India on the map for having one of the most sensual traditional outfits.


As time passes, fashion evolves and this is true even for the sari. From changes in blouse designs to the complete evolution of the sari into the “sari pants”.As we shift into Pre fall  even the sari pants are passe and we know that the next big thing is going to be the sari skirt.


We did this by paring my mother’s old chanderi duppata with a skirt to make it look like a draped sari . Added a blue printed boat neck top as a blouse to give it some colour and also complement the earthy tone of the asymmetrical tulip skirt.We accessorized with simple blue drop danglers and gave it a little western spin by adding the brogues.
Brogues are hot this season and if you give them a chance, they actually pair very well with the sari.



Hey guys ! We are team Stylelocked. Being design students we are both passionate about all that is quirky and creative. Being fauji brats we’ve travelled all over and have experienced diverse cultures. So if you love fashion and want to go easy on your pocket , Stylelocked is the place for you. We love restyling, combining different styles and creating our own statement.
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