Fashion tends to stick to norms and rules but rules are meant to be broken right? (oh such a cliché ) We are in an age where it’s okay to take risks , to experiment and to be a complete badass.

Here’s a little spin off to being casual yet chic. Pair your cocktail dress with some skinny jeans and add a pair of sneakers. Let people wonder whether you’re headed for a formal party or a day out with your girls.


Kick your imagination into high gear and you’ll realise that your best outfits are often a result of breaking fashion norms. The reason being – it’s fresh, it’s new. Its an idea that people haven’t conceptualised in their head so it takes them by surprise.
This dress is from Rajdeep Ranawat SS17 collection and oh boy is he talented! The print and swarovski encrusted details really give the outfit an edge over the others.

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