The 1930s were of huge importance in terms of shift in fashion.The changes in fashion that occurred in the 1930s are essential to vintage inspired clothing today. We love feminine butterfly sleeves and sophisticated elegance, both gifts to women’s clothing from this decade! With the onset of the Great Depression, many people were forced to give up a lavish lifestyle, but an era of big bands and nightlife remained. Women’s fashion shifted to a wardrobe of femininity, and at the start of the 1930s, trends emphasized the natural waistline as way to close out the boyish look of 1920s fashion. Subdued tones let to a rise in the use of muted colours popularly referred to as pastels.

Dresses returned to define the waistline, and at the start of the decade, women wore dresses that emphasized the shoulders. This included butterfly sleeves, puffed sleeves, and angular shoulders which, in turn, would give the illusion of a smaller waist. Most daytime dresses at this time were designed at calf length, so for a classic 1930s look we opted for a midi length dress with soft, fluttery sleeves and a defined  waistline with a front bow detail.

With the classic winged liner and the big bold lips we paired this dress with baby pink and grey block heels with a metallic heel to add a little spunk to the outfit.

This gorgeous dress is from the latest VASL collection, check them out on our Instagram for more details !





Dress : VASL

Heels :

Bag : Forever 21

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